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Individual consultation

An initial consultation takes up to 60 minutes:
It will involve a detailed assessment of your presenting complaint, including relevant past medical history, medications and physical / social activities. A physical assessment may involve examining the abdomen, spine, pelvis, hip joints and pelvic floor. At the conclusion of the assessment, an explanation of the findings will be given and a management programme will be discussed which meets your goals and expectations. This will include education about your pelvic health issue, application of physiotherapy treatments and a home programme. The home programme is very important, and often will determine whether you will achieve the results you want.

Follow up appointments take up to 30-45 minutes:
The numbers of treatment sessions vary depending on the presenting complaint but often only 3-4 sessions spread over several months is all that is required.

In some cases a referral to another health professional may be recommended such as a gynaecologist, urologist, colorectal surgeon, dietician, psychologist or counsellor. This will be discussed with you and referral made with your consent.

Group teaching

Maree regularly teaches about pelvic health issues and physiotherapy management to a range of people and groups. She is passionate about reaching both men and women in the community to increase the awareness of pelvic health issues.

She also runs seminars to personal trainers and physiotherapists raising awareness of pelvic health issues with the objective to prevent their clients developing issues. She regularly speaks to GP and Consultant groups to raise awareness of the physiotherapy management of pelvic health issues and to work collaboratively with them.

If you are interested in having Maree speak to your group, please email info@mareefrostphysiotherapy.nz


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Address: 105 Rutland Street, St Albans, Christchurch, NZ

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Womens Pelvic Health
Womens Health
Maree specialises in assessing and treating womens health problems, for example, bladder issues, antenatal, postnatal, surgical and many more.
Mens Pelvic Health
Mens Health
Maree is also an expert at treating mens health problems including issues affecting; the bladder, the bowel and pelvic pain.

Pelvic Pain
Pelvic Pain
Maree treats a range of conditions causing pain around the pelvis. Find out more...

Bladder Issues
Bladder Issues
'Two common types of bladder complaint are Stress Urinary Incontinence and Urge Incontinence.

Bowel Issues
Bowel Issues
'Common complaints can be Faecal Incontinence or Obstructed Defaecation (difficulty passing a bowel motion).