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Hi Maree, Just a quick email to thank you for your help and advice at my apointment on 11th November. I obtained a contiform new users pack which has been amazing. Plus, thanks to you, to discover that when I thought I was tightening my pelvic floor muscles I was actually doing the opposite, has been life changing. Which as a midwife I should have known better!!

So combined with improved pelvic floor exercises, plus the contiform especially when I exercise, I now feel I have more control over my pelvic floor.

Once again, many thanks.

Regards, C.L

I had been suffering with chronic pelvic pain for around 8 years when I finally stumbled on this website. Other people's testimonials had convinced me that a condition I poorly understood was, in fact, a problem other people suffered with too and could actually be made better.

Maree was very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and took my concerns seriously. Pelvic floor issues are not easy to explore in a 10 minute GP consult, particularly if, like me, you have never been through childbirth. My condition, which involved my pelvic floor muscles being too tight and in 'spasm' had lead to bladder irritability, pelvic pain and painful sex. This, while less common than the problem of a weakened pelvic floor, was equally debilitating.

While I only attended three sessions with Maree, I feel that the tips learned for muscle relaxation are invaluable, long after leaving the clinic. In fact, I have added extra steps into my exercise routine to help relax my pelvic muscles and it has made the world of difference.

It is easy to put up' with pain in this area because it is embarrassing, but just as you wouldn't ignore chronic muscle pain in your shoulder/back don't ignore this. As a fellow health professional, I would

Dr. G

I have been seeing Maree since February for help with weak pelvic floor muscles and bladder leakage as a result of childbirth. I am 43 and my youngest Child is 8. I have had issues since having her, only mentioning it to my GP last year. She gave me Maree's details and allowed me to make the first contact with her when I was ready.

Maree was able to diagnose my problem, explain options and work through exercises with me to overcome the issues I was having.

Maree has helped me to identify exercise options to complement my love of running. I now enjoy some running, as well as hill walking and pilates to maintain my fitness. I have more confidence to go out and do things and don't feel I have to wear a pad all the time to avoid embarrassing 'leaks'.

Maree is highly knowledgeable and professional. She has a relaxed manner and is easy to talk to. Her rooms are situated in a very pleasant environment which is easy to find with lots of parking.

I would thoroughly recommend Maree for help with pelvic floor issues, don't put it off any longer!


When I needed to think about asking for help and support with my area of concern it was at first an embarrassing and personal matter which I thought would be difficult to speak openly about with a health professional. I had pelvic floor weakness related to both my bowel and bladder function, both resulting from birth experiences.

I first heard about Maree Frost through a friend who was being treated by her. I emailed Maree at first to see if my problems were relevant to her seeing me, and the immediate contact back made me feel very reassured that she cared, and was taking the time to merely answer a one off question of my self referral. She gave me specific information which was enough to spur me onwards in making the first appointment with her.

In meeting Maree she immediately put me at ease, as an approachable, gentle, knowledgeable health professional. Maree took time to go through my past medical history that had led to my seeing her, and she was able to map out very precisely the issues that may be contributing further to my problems. My particular area of concern deemed it necessary to have an internal examination which as it turned out afterwards was an invaluable part of the appointment. This examination pin-pointed strengths and weaknesses of my pelvic floor and bladder function. Maree maintained my dignity and respect at all times with this examination which was carried our straight forwardly and gently.

With this information as well as my past history and current difficulties Maree was able to formulate a very clear and needs-specific exercise plan.

I am a determined personality and in following the pelvic floor exercise plan, I started to see huge improvements in my areas of concern. My anxiety level has completely diminished and my confidence has made a huge leap forward. I feel more in control of my body and therefore my life. It's amazing how much of your mental well-being is tied up with the good mechanics of a well working body!

Maree continued to follow up with me via email and phone calls. I only needed the one-off appointment to point my compass in the right direction and I can definitely say that a Women's Health Physiotherapist isn't only about having the knowledge and sound experience when dealing with patients, it is also about the ability to be a gentle and understanding person who has the ability to get the most information out of their patient in order to make the right diagnosis and treatment. Maree Frost was definitely that Women's Health Professional, and I wouldn't hesitate in making an appointment with her in the future should I need it.


I am 17 years old went to see Maree regarding my pelvic floor muscles and an issue with my bladder that had worried me for some time. I was impressed by how Maree managed to make me feel extremely comfortable yet kept a professional relationship at all times. Maree was able to reassure and explain to me without intimidating me with doctor jargon. She approached my issue with conservative methods and advanced until the issue was solved.

I would happily recommend Maree to females of all ages, (especially young girls) and feel privileged to vouch for her to future patients.


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